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    Manual for installing Magnum Wood Parquet over floor heating/cooling

    Manual for installing Magnum Wood Parquet over floor heating/cooling

    General guidelines


    Magnum Wood Parquet can be used in conjunction with ‘low temperature’ floor heating. This is true for underfloor heating systems with heating components - hot water or electric – embedded in the floor. Magnum Wood Parquet beech and ash floors are NOT suitable for laying on floor heating. The floor heating must be installed in accordance with the supplier’s instructions and the generally accepted instructions and rules. Of course, the general laying guidelines for parquet flooring without floor heating still fully apply.


    The sub-floor must be sufficiently DRY across its complete thickness when installing the floor covering. This is maximum 1.5% according to the CM method for cement-bound floors and maximum 0.3% for anhydrite-bound screed. (Attention! With the latter, the anhydrite ‘milk-skin’ must be removed mechanically before the parquet is glued.) The humidity level will only be achieved by turning on the heat-ing beforehand. In the case of a new building, you must wait at least 21 days between spreading the screed/floor-finish and starting the heating. With newly-spread screed/floor-finish, follow the guidelines of your installer. It should be possible to present a heating record. Ask for it if necessary. Start the floor heating at least two weeks before laying your parquet. Raise the water temperature in the boiler gradually by no more than 5°C per day to 50°C. If you can leave the heating on for longer, this would certainly be better.


    Turn off the heating completely before laying, until the floor temperature has dropped to 18°C. AFTER laying your floor, you must wait AT LEAST 48 hours before restarting the heating, gradually (5°C per day). The maximum permitted contact temperature of the parquet is 27°C. The maximum hot water temperature at the boiler outlet is 50°C (if applicable). ALWAYS change the temperature GRADUALLY at the start and end of a heating period. The relative ambient air humidity must be kept between 40 and 60%. Always avoid heat accumu-lation by carpets or rugs or by leaving insufficient space between furniture and the floor. Open joints may appear during the heating season. Magnum Wood Parquet can be glued down or laid ‘floating’. Please note the following remarks. When using glue, we strongly advise to lay your Magnum Wood Parquet with Magnum Parquet Glue. We refer to the specific laying instructions for laying with glue, which you can find in the general laying instructions. This method gives the highest degree of heat transference and thus ensures the optimum efficiency of your heating system. On the other hand, there is no vapour protection and there is a risk of condensation when there are excessively rapid and excessively large temperature swings. Account should also be taken of small open joints that might appear during the heating season.


    The Magnum Wood Parquet can also be laid ‘floating’ on top of a Magnum underlay. However, the heat given off from the floor heating system with the floating method is less and the efficiency is somewhat lower than with the gluing method. On the other hand, using the right kind of underfloor is the perfect solution to avoid problems with rising damp or condensation. The risk of open joints during the heating season is almost non-existent. With floor heating and cooling systems it is recommended to lay a Magnum underlay FOAM - ALVEOLIT or begin with a separate plastic film of minimum 0.2 mm thick. In this case, use a single sheet of plastic foil, or use several sheets but make sure they overlap at least 20 cm and tape them together. The maximum allowed heat resistance (R) of a floor cov-ering in combination with floor heating is 0.15 m2K/W (EN 4725). In combination with floor cooling the maximum heat resistance is 0,09m²K/W.


    Increasing numbers of homes now have systems for both heating and cooling. A combination of heating in winter and cooling in summer can for technical and physical reasons be problematic in combination with organic floorings in general and with parquet in particular. The instructions for laying Magnum parquet on floor heating without cooling remain applicable without alteration. The use of Magnum parquet accessories, such as glue (if applicable), is also essential. With regard to floor cooling systems, it is important that an advanced regulation and security system be used to prevent internal condensation (dew point regulation). To prevent damage to the floor, the incoming temperature of the cooling water must not be lowered without limit and it must never fall below the dew point temperature.


    Lower temperatures lead to condensation in the floor and can cause damage to the parquet, such as cupping, distortions, swelling and joints opening. A proper safety system includes automatic sensors that detect when the dew point (= start of condensation) is reached below or in the parquet and then switch off the cooling. Room thermostats must never be set to a temperature of less than 24°C.


    Moreover, the thermostats must never be set to a temperature that is 5°C lower than the room temperature. So, when the temperature is 32°C, the room thermostat should not be lower than 27°C.


    The cooling circuit must be provided with a regulator that prevents the cooling fluid from falling lower than 18 to 22°C. This depends on the climate zone in which the floor has been laid. In zones with a high relative humidity, the minimum is 22°C; with average humidity and temperature, the temperature can drop to 18°C. Failure to follow these instructions renders the Magnum warranty no longer valid. For floor cooling, a heat-resistance of < 0.09m²K/W is prescribed. The heat-resistance of Magnum Parquet 14mm is about 0.07m²K/W. So account should be taken here of a certain loss of capacity in combination with one of our underlays.


    Heating films


    Heating films or other “new” systems that are laid ON the screed/floor finish or wooden base floor cannot be used without extra precau-tions. Please consider the following extra guidelines. An underfloor must in this case serve as an equalising medium, heat-insulator and especially for embedding the film elements and electrical connectors as well. The following construction is usually used: first underfloor, then heating film and finally the parquet floor. The conditions that must be met by these systems is that the heat-distribution is homog-enous over the whole floor, so that there are no cold and warm zones, that the heat rises and does not sink, that the maximum contact temperature is no more than 27°C and that the electrical connectors between the panels are sufficiently thin to be sunk into the under-floor mat, but still sufficiently strong and electrically safe, even if condensation or a leak occurs.


    A second type of heating system for renovation is a system with hot water pipes or electrical resistances embedded in frames. These are usually polystyrene panels, which may be combined with metal plates. We consider these systems to be more reliable because they are a better guarantee of homogenous heat distribution, there is heat-insulation under the floor heating, there is good contact and a stable base floor under the parquet floor. In any case, the remarks above are still applicable, but we consider them as more feasible. All these aspects must be examined by the distributor/installer of this heating system. It is their responsibility to ensure that the underfloor heating system has been installed correctly and works in unity with the aforementioned guidelines which must be followed in full. Using these heating films and “new systems” as a primary and only heat source should always be confirmed with the dealer and/or installer


    of this system. Additional heat sources like radiators could be needed and depends on the power of the heating system and insulation of the building itself. We trust that the foregoing will provide you with sufficient information. Should you have any further questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact our technical department.


    25-year RESIDENTIAL WARRANTY and LIFELONG WAR-RANTY on the Uniclic® connection system

    Magnum Parket Uniclic® Multifit parquet

    25-year RESIDENTIAL WARRANTY and LIFELONG WAR-RANTY on the Uniclic® connection system

    Magnum Parket Uniclic® Multifit parquet

    The Magnum Parket Uniclic® Multifit residential warranty applies only to parquet floors installed in a room intended solely for residential purposes. An individual written warranty may be requested from the manufacturer or through the distributor for other applications. The legal warranty in the country of purchase remains fully applicable.


    Unilin bvba, Flooring division, guarantees that, as from the date of purchase, parquet floors bearing the trade mark Magnum Parket Uni-clic® Multifit are free of manufacturing errors or material defects. This residential warranty is limited to 25 years for the parquet flooring and lifelong (up to 33 years) for the Uniclic® connections between the various parquet panels. The invoice date is valid as date of purchase. The original, dated purchase invoice, marked with the stamp of the distributor or retailer, must be presented. The residential warranty may only be invoked if all the following conditions are met. Consult the manufacturer, distributor or retailer in case of doubt.


    1. The residential warranty applies only to the first owner and to the first installation of the floor and is not transferable. The per-son mentioned as the buyer on the purchase invoice shall be considered as the first owner. This warranty applies to all purchases of high-quality Magnum Parket Uniclic® Multifit products after the date when these warranty conditions were issued (see below).


    2. The residential warranty applies solely to defects inherent in the Magnum Parket Uniclic® Multifit products supplied. This term covers the material and production defects recognised by the manufacturer, including delamination of the top layer. Unilin bvba, Flooring di-vision, has the option of repairing or replacing defective products with products in stock at the time the complaint was accepted. There will be no other form of compensation.

    The lifetime warranty on the Uniclic® connection applies only to open joints wider than 0.2 mm.


    4. The Magnum Parket Uniclic® Multifit parquet floor must be installed in accordance with the Magnum Parket Uniclic® Multifit instal-lation method. It must be possible to provide proof that the installation and maintenance instructions were followed as recommended by the manufacturer and that the appropriate accessories were used. The installation and maintenance instructions can be found in the flooring packaging (in 1 out of 3 boxes). If the instructions are missing, they must be requested from the manufacturer or the distribu-tor/retailer, or they can be viewed on www.magnumparket.com. If the installation is not carried out by the end-user, the installer must provide the end-user with at least one copy of the installation and maintenance instructions, as well as the warranty conditions (also inbox out of 3).


    5. The damage to the product must be clear and measure at least 1 cm2. Damage caused by erroneous or improper use, such as damage of a mechanical nature such as indentations caused by severe knocks or falling objects, scratches – caused by dragging furniture, for example – are not covered by the residential warranty.


    The legs of furniture must always be fitted with the appropriate protectors. Furniture on wheels must be fitted with soft wheels, or an appropriate protective carpet laid or protective cups placed under such furniture.


    6. Floor panels must be carefully checked in daylight for visible defects before and during installation. Products with visible defects must under no circumstances be installed.


    7. In the case of hidden defects (defects that are not visible before or during installation), the costs of removing, repairing or re-laying the product will be paid by the purchaser. If the product was originally installed by a professional, Unilin bvba, Flooring division may cover reasonable labour costs that correspond to the current labour costs in the relevant market. Unilin bvba, Flooring division may never be held liable for any secondary or incidental damage.

    Bringing in sand and/or dust from outside must be avoided by placing a suitable mat near the entrance door(s).


    9. The floor must not be installed in damp and/or humid rooms, in extremely dry rooms or in rooms with extremely high temperatures (such as saunas).

    Any fluid spilt on the floor or near the skirting boards or profiles must always be removed as quickly as possible.Clean the floor only in accordance with the Magnum Parket maintenance instructions. Damage caused by flooding or leakages, or clean-ing with excessive amounts of water and/or the wrong cleaning materials is always excluded from the warranty.

    If one of the above-mentioned defects is discovered, the distributor must be informed thereof immediately within 15 days of discovery of the defect. Once this period has expired, no further complaints will be accepted. Under no circumstances may Unilin bvba, Flooring division be held liable for consequential damage, including such things as loss of time, inconvenience, expenses and other costs resulting directly or indirectly from the complaint.



    13. The residential warranty is pro-rata. A pro-rata warranty is one in which reimbursement decreases in accordance with a fixed formu-la as the warranty period approaches its expiry date. The value of the original Magnum Parket warranty will be reduced by the amount of time that you possess the product. When a claim is made, the value of the warranty is calculated as a percentage of the number of years of possession, based on 33 years. The services provided in relation to this warranty do not extend the original warranty period.



    The Magnum Parket Uniclic® Multifit commercial warranty applies only to parquet floors installed in a room intended solely for com-mercial or mixed purposes. The commercial warranty is valid for a period of 5 (five) years from the date of purchase by the first owner. The invoice date is valid as date of purchase. The original, dated purchase invoice, marked with the stamp of the distributor or retailer, must be presented. The person mentioned as the buyer on the purchase invoice shall be considered as the first owner.


    This warranty is only valid if ALL the conditions are met for the residential warranty as described above. Moreover, the following limita-tions must be taken into consideration:


    • A reduction in shine will not be considered as wear and tear of the surface.


    • The commercial warranty does not apply to surface scratches caused by daily use.


    The commercial warranty does not cover:


    • Any places where food is served, such as, but not limited to, restaurants, cafeterias, cafés, dance halls;


    • Any institutional applications, such as, but not limited to, hospitals and government buildings;


    • Places with intensive trading activities, such as, but not limited to, airports, lobbies, schools and hairdressing salons;


    • Places with heavy human traffic and/or the use of mechanical transport systems (such as, but not limited to, shopping or pallet trolleys).


    For areas and applications not covered by the five-year commercial warranty, a specific warranty can be obtained on request from your distributor, from Unilin bvba, Flooring division or via www.magnumparket.com/en/.


    This warranty does not apply to damage to the product caused by:


    Erroneous or improper use of the floor, such as scratches, dents or damage caused by sand or other abrasive materials caused by work carried out by a service company or by the end-user;


    Exposure to extreme temperatures;


    • Water damage


    • Erroneous maintenance.


    No other warranties of any kind are granted, either explicitly or implicitly, including saleability or suitability for a specific purpose. Unilin bvba, Flooring division is not liable for labour costs, installation costs or similar costs. Consequential damage, unusual damage and incidental damage are not covered by this warranty.


    For any service-provision under this warranty, it is best to contact your local Magnum Parket retailer or you can send your proof of purchase and a description of your complaint to:


    Requirements of pavement heating system

    Requirements of pavement heating system

    1. species of wood

    Recommended wood species: Ma Po, walnut, Yi Lego, oak.

    Does not recommend the use of wood species: African rosewood, eucalyptus, thin type parquet, and maple, beech, Kang, Ye Su, Sisi twin wings of wood.

    2. floor leveling, self leveling cement, + 3mm/2m.

    3. ground dry, dry after leveling for 3 weeks. Free water is less than 4% in cement.

    In the winter of

    4. paving a week ahead of the delivery to the installation site, a well shaped workpiece, adapt to the environment temperature. Turn off heating system 24 ahead of time and install after cooling down.

    5.. Open the geothermal system 48 hours after installation and gradually warm up to 5 degrees C until the floor temperature reaches 27 centigrade. The daily use of the outlet pipe maximum temperature is not more than 53 degrees, the floor surface temperature is not more than 27 degrees centigrade.

    Tip: long-term open heating, more energy saving.